Bees are Indicators of Rain

Name: Sadashiva S V
Age: 45
Father Name: Veerabhadrappa
Contact Number: +919901596311
Address: Shivani Village, Ajjampura Taluk, Chikkamagaluru District

I am Sadashiva S V, living in Shivani small town. Firstly I am started Beekeeping watching Beekeeping videos in YouTube and other social media platforms, after this knowledge I started searching
beekeeping practicionor likely my friend already practiced Beekeeping in small scale he have 3 boxes all three boxes are empty, Me and my friend take the help of Chiranootana NGO how to install bee family to bee boxes Chiranootana NGO guided how to search Beefamily in outside after three days I got two Beefamily Chiranootana team supported how to install bee family to the box and trained me very well. Firstly I am put the bee box in my farming land in 2018, In this year I got the result of benefits of bees, after next year under Chiranootana NGO Guidence received 10 bee boxes in 2019 with 75% Subsidy this is turning point to my bee farming because in areca and coconut yield are increased to 20% and Pepper yield are increased 25% This indirect income boosted me to engage more effectively in Beekeeping I put  my income chart to understand the income of Beekeeping till now

Above this table Direct income sources are Honey, Beefamily Selling, wax selling, these are all considered
direct income and indirect income mean pollination of bees to Areca, Coconut and Pepper crops these are
considered indirect income.

Challenges faced:
• The Asian giant hornets are destroy bee families.
• Ants are sucking Honey and broods.
• Using pesticides in surrounding farmers will harm to bees.
Solutions :
• For control ants I am using Greece and water to stand after this practice ants are controlled.
• Using chemicals in surrounding areas are not much effect to bees because I am using organic
products in my land.
• Till now Asian giant hornets is major threats to bees till I am struggling to solve this problem.
• Need effective solution to control Asian giant hornets.
• Needed vegetable and flowers plants information which using me and bee families.